Our Top 4 Ways To Keep Work Life Fun

Although work may feel fun and exciting for some people naturally (i.e. people who absolutely love their jobs), the simple fact of the matter is that working is often a chore that causes more boredom, if not outright stress, than actual enjoyment. Sure you may have some enjoyment in doing a job well-done, but that feeling is always juxtaposed to the constant need to always impress your boss with your work, which causes stress. And if you aren’t totally focused on the quality of your work, then you will more than likely be afflicted with boredom rather than stress, which is almost as bad. So rather than let your everyday job get the better of you, look into potentially implementing some of these great tips to spice up your work life for the better.

Buy a Fidget Spinner to use while at work. This simple device that has taken the world by storm in recent years has multiple purposes. On the surface a fidget spinner is able to help you achieve the primary goal of keeping you from fidgeting in other, perhaps more distracting ways. This is not only important just to keep you focused, but also to keep you from distracting others with your fidgeting. The simple spinning action is basically silent and despite the motion involved, remains relatively unnoticeable due to its small size, keeping your fidgeting confined to your own personal space. But what really makes the fidget spinner so great is the fact that it can be outright fun. By doing things like trying to continuously keep the fidget spinner going as fast as you can without interrupting the spinning motion with your fingers, or trying to see it spin on your table for as long as possible, you are essentially creating fun games that give you a nice break from work when you need it most. So buy a fidget spinner, keep it at your desk (or remember to always bring it to work with you) and use it not only to help you maintain focus while working, but to give you a nice fun break when the opportunity arises as well.

Keep a bowl of candy at your desk. Nothing makes your job more fun than the daily interactions you have with your coworkers. Whether you decide to talk about the latest news or sports highlights, or anything in between, getting a conversation going with friends is always a pleasure and one of the many reasons people actually like coming to work. And as easy as it is to walk over to your coworkers’ cubicles, a lot of times people would like a way to get people to come to their cubicle instead. And that’s where this tip comes into play! Bowls of candy are simple yet highly effective ways to get people to not only go to your desk, but to interact with you as a result. This leads to more conversations and more fun! It is so easy to find mini candies sold in bulk at your local Walgreens or other similar store and although this does admittedly involve consistently buying candy to keep your stash well stocked every day, such purchases are far and few in between and not expensive in the slightest, especially when you purchase in bulk. And if this all helps keep your work day fun and full of meaningful conversation, then even more so should you be willing to make this investment that has a great value to you personally!

Keep a bullet vibrator or other sex toy in your desk. Sounds crazy right? Well it definitely is to a certain extent, but there are plenty of benefits that come with bringing a sex toy to work. First off, sexual pleasure is one of the best ways to release stress in general. And while people claim that people often come home from work stressed, when you are actually still at work you it makes sense that you would be even more stressed. So why a “bullet vibrator”? In short, it’s because they are small and silent, which is an amazing combination when it comes to getting off in a relatively public place such as your office. But any sort of sex toy that is small and silent can be used in lieu of a bullet vibrator (for guys, a popular choice is a butt plug for example). Whatever you decide to use, you can keep them well-hidden in your desk and easily slip them out and hide them in your pocket until you are ready to use them in the bathroom or other private location. Another huge benefit is the adrenaline boost that comes with engaging in such a kinky sex act (not just using sex toys, but using them at the office specifically). However, make sure to cover your tracks, lest you get into some serious trouble if you get caught! As long as you do that, you can make your work life outright exhilarating, one kinky orgasm at a time. Special shout out to Blissful Cherry for their awesome guide on vibrator types, including the bullet vibrator which gave us the inspiration for this tip! From bullet vibrators to the immensely popular rabbit vibrator, and any other sex toy that may tickle your fancy, Blissful Cherry will keep your sex life supercharged and awesome, whether you are at home, or in the office!

Make Aloha Fridays a thing. For those of you that don’t know, Aloha Fridays is basically the practice of wearing aloha attire to the office on Fridays. It is like a more specific version of casual Fridays. While casual Fridays can be a nice way to end your work week in general, Aloha Fridays kick it up a notch by forcing you to wear bright and vibrant colors which helps promote that feeling of happiness and joy that the work week is winding down to a close. Plus, Aloha Fridays are a great way to start conversations with other coworkers – they may even decide to join you on Aloha Fridays in the future, which is always a welcome addition. As always though, make sure it is OK to wear this relaxed sort of dress code on Friday with your boss or your HR department. In most cases it is, but you should always make sure before you go out and actually buy a neat Aloha shirt, let alone wear it to work.

So there you have it – some simple yet effective ways to make work fun and exciting in general. While work will always be a place to get things done and ultimately earn your salary, that doesn’t mean that work needs to be a total bore or a stressful environment for you day in and day out. With eight hours dedicated to work each day for most people, it is so important to keep work from slowly eating away at your overall happiness and well-being. Hopefully at least one (if not all) of these tips can help you to enjoy your work even just a little bit more, and potentially give you that much more of a reason to want to come in to work in the first place!